Davina Tribal Collective in collaboration with Carolena Nericcio, director of FatChanceBellyDance®, presents: DVD features ATS sword vocabulary to be incorporated into your existing ATS repertoire. Visit our website for more information and to purchase your copy of our new DVD!
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Davina Tribal Collective is a collaboration of like-minded professional dancers dedicated to learning and performing FatChanceBellyDance® American Tribal Style® (ATS®) belly dance.   We have 6 FCBD® Sister Studio instructors throughout Utah and in the Seattle/Tacoma area. ATS® is a modern style of improvisational belly dance created by Carolena Nericcio of San Francisco, CA. It is based on traditional, folkloric, and Indian movements. However, the name "American Tribal Style®" distinguishes this style as a distinctly American invention, not a traditional style of belly dance, while "Tribal Style" describes the dancers working together as a group with a "tribal" look. For more info about FatChanceBellyDance®, Carolena Nericcio, and American Tribal Style® belly dance, please visit: www.fcbd.com   Our collective is currently formed by Amina, Jen, Temis, Maia, Wendy, and Cara. We've been performing together for almost a decade in Salt Lake City, UT; however, Davina Tribal Collective was officially founded in December 2009. Our members are all FCBD® Teacher Trained/Certified and hold Sister Studio status.   Individually, we have different styles of dance experience that we bring to the troupe. We love ATS® and thoroughly enjoy sharing our love of it with the community.
ATS® With An Edge
A FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio A FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio Jen Cerdena