American Tribal Style® (ATS®) and tribal fusion belly dance in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. Weekly ATS® classes, private lessons, performances and workshops.
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Jen Cerdena is a performer, instructor, and ever-evolving student of tribal fusion and American Tribal Style® (ATS®) belly dance. Jen holds General Skills and Teacher Training (I and II) teaching certifications as well as Sister Studio Status through FatChanceBellyDance®, directed by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman (creator of American Tribal Style® bellydance). She teaches weekly ATS® classes at the STAR Center in Tacoma and offers private lessons as well. An active soloist and group performer, her most recent dance collaborations include co-founding/directing Damiana Dance Company with Cara Cressell in Washington state (since 2014), co-founding/directing Davina Tribal Collective (DTC) in Salt Lake City, UT (since 2009), and creating a new ATS sword modification style to be blended with ATS (in collaboration with her dance sisters as Davina Tribal Collective.) Jen’s love affair with bellydance began at a young age, since growing up in a Palestinian household, she has been immersed in the art of Middle- Eastern dance for as long as she can remember.  She was formally introduced to belly dance while watching various local Egyptian Cabaret belly dancers in Portland, Oregon and quickly became even more enthralled with the mysterious art form. Several years later, at the age of fifteen (1995), she began taking Cabaret-style classes with an instructor in Portland. She relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah in 2001 where she joined a Cabaret-style performing troupe. She later joined a Gypsy/Tribal Fusion performance troupe to expand her bellydance knowledge. Years later, while watching FatChanceBellyDance® perform, Jen became fascinated with American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and immediately began studying American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion style in 2007, joining a tribal fusion and ATS® performing troupe in Salt Lake City. Since beginning her love affair with all things tribal, Jen has expanded her tribal dance knowledge to include single and double sword performing and instruction as well as fire fusion performance. Since then, Jen’s outside projects have led her to become a soloist as well as founding troupe member of Damiana Dance Company and Davina Tribal Collective. As a founding member of Davina Tribal Collective, she was also instrumental in creating sword modifications for ATS® and co-produced an instructional video, “ATS With An Edge,” that outlines DTC’s sword vocabulary. Currently, Jen is a weekly ATS® instructor at the STAR Center in Tacoma, WA. She also travels to teach and perform for various events as a Tribal Fusion soloist, with double swords, as well as with Damiana Dance Company.

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workshops:

Elements in Transition and Flow (1.5 hours): Learn to listen and utilize your music to create dramatic flow in your performances. We’ll begin with tribal fusion belly dance basics and expand to explore more complex movement. This class is designed to prepare the performer for the stage by incorporating movement and transitions to create dynamic flow throughout a performance. You will practice turns, traveling steps, combinations, and layers to incorporate the whole body. We’ll also explore a fun choreography piece that addresses stage presence, expression, and showmanship. Intended for all levels.

American Tribal Style Sword Workshops:

(Dancers should know basic slow FCBD ATS vocabulary for all ATS sword workshops, including Taxeem, Bodywave, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulations, and Reverse Turn. Advanced classes may include Volume 7 and 9 FCBD slow vocabulary. Dancers should be comfortable balancing a sword on their head for advanced classes. DULLED SWORDS ONLY IN ALL WORKSHOPS!) Recommended level: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE BASIC ATS SWORD-WORK: LOOKIN’ SHARP! (2 hours): This belly dance workshop explores the fundamentals and techniques of showcasing sword work in your dance performance! We will introduce basic concepts in sword handling and care, talk about body conditioning, and explore variations of slow ATS® vocabulary with a sword! The movements and combinations presented in this workshop can be used in solo or group improvisation as well as choreography. All styles and levels welcome! Join us as we explore the fierce and elegant nature of the dramatic sword dance! You will need to know and be able to execute the basic ATS slow vocabulary: Taxeem, Bodywave, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulations, and Reverse Turn. Recommended level: ADVANCED FANCY FLOORWORK - HOW’D YOU GET DOWN THERE? (2 hours): Learn how to bring the “wow factor” to your ATS® sword set with floorwork! This class will focus on floorwork with ATS sword modifications including transitions to and from the ground. You will need to know and be comfortable with balancing a sword on your head. Knee pads recommended for this class. SWORD DUETS - POWER DUET WITH AN EDGE (2 hours): A look inside making strong and solid sword duets to dazzle your audience. This class will uncover some of the secrets of making a dynamic sword duet to keep your audience on the edge of their seats! You will need to know and be able to execute basic and advanced ATS slow vocabulary.
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American Tribal Style Belly Dance Workshops:

(Dancers should know basic slow FCBD ATS vocabulary for all ATS workshops, including Taxeem, Bodywave, Hand Floreo, Arm Undulations, Reverse Turn, Egyptian, Arabic, Shimmy Step, Pivot Bumps, and Choo-Choos. Advanced classes may include Volume 7 and 9 FCBD vocabulary. Dancers should be comfortable working in formations for advanced classes.) Recommended level: ALL LEVELS WELCOME DRAMATIC CLASSIC ATS - Dramatic slow, elegant arms, and fantastic floreos (2 hours):  Learn the keys to making your slow ATS set dramatic and captivating on stage. This class will focus on bringing dynamic drama to your slow ATS® performance. Recommended level: INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED POWER OF THE TWO (2 hours): Power Duet is one of the highlights in any ATS performance set. Utilize all of your knowledge and skills to make this part of the set spectacularly fun! In this class you will get some secrets and tips to making your Duet performance more dynamic and exciting. ATS FLOORWORK - DUET STYLE (2 hours): Uncover the dynamics of ATS® floorwork with duets to add the punch to your power duet! This class will focus on floorwork and modifications in duets. Dancers should be comfortable with basic slow FCBD ATS® vocabulary. Some volume 7 vocabulary recommended, but not necessary. FORMATIONS, FADES, AND TRICKY TRANSITIONS (2 hours): Design and illusion is a big part of the art of ATS®! Let’s explore variations – easy and challenging – of movement and flow between basic formations and the depth in design created with Fades.  We will cover some basic concepts of fading and transitions, break down a couple fast combinations that include fades and ultimately transition into the exciting and creative Dueling Duets then drill, drill, drill!  Must have proficiency of Vol. 1 & 4.  Level 3/Vol. 7 knowledge is helpful, but not required. This is for advanced level dancers. 
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